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Designed by Italian architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, Tempo sofa is based on Time being marked by a sophisticated and timeless design. The feet are in a special dark grey powder coated metal finish. Tempo's versatility makes it perfect for any environment. Sofa designed to fit in with the Tempo tables for an exceptional total look.


This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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Plaza, a Natuzzi original design, is enjoyed by countless happy customers worldwide. The armrest has a well-articulated eye-catching cushion design, which when viewed side-on, envelopes the seat cushion and outlines the entire profile. Plaza fits well in a myriad of interiors, making it one of our most sought after designs.


This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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Avana is one of our most popular leather sofa models and an original Natuzzi Style Centre design. It is characterised by its modern edge and finer details, such as the tufting on the seat, the rounded metal framing around the armrest and metal insert in the wooden foot. Unmatched relaxation, thanks to its comfortable seat and adjustable headrests.


This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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A cult of comfort, guaranteed by the rounded shape of this medium-size sofa. Its simple and sinous design with elegant wooden feet makes it suitable for any type of space and living situation.

Long Beach

This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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Long Beach sofa, designed by renowned Italian architect, Claudio Bellini. This soft, welcoming design features height-adjustable feet, to suit your personal style. The thin armrests leave plenty of room for enjoying the wide, comfortable seats.


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Compact proportions and its high versatility make the model named 'Flight' in Italian the ideal choice for your environment. This sofa is the perfect balance of comfort, function and style. It also equipped with an adjustable headrest.


This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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The attractively designed square and linear shapes of the Svevo sofa have been created by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi. Svevo is inspired by typical 50's proportions, but designed in a light and dynamic model. The unusual structure supporting the soft padding combines wood and metal to create a perfect visual impact. The slim armrests give it a modern design, which adds a touch of elegance to both the workplace and the home.


This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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Designed by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, the generously proportioned Dorian sofa is both aesthetically impressive and extremely comfortable. The spacious seats have been ergonomically designed with Memory Foam padding and goose feathers, inclusive of the backrest and arms. The hidden metal feet have anti-scratch and non-slip rubber, providing a hidden practical solution for protecting floors. Dorian will be the main attraction in your living area.


This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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Brio represents the Natuzzi Italia technological evolution for sofas. Its proportions are excellent and its precious aesthetic details emphasize the handcrafted heart of the product. The particoular stitching and the quilting on the outer side of the arms are two of those examples. This modern sofa has a design that "breaks" the typical style of relaxing sofas, it perfectly integrates the technological heart of the product without sacrificing the aesthetic, which remains unchanged even when the mechanism is completely open. The exclusive Soft Touch mechanism allows you, simply sliding your finger along the sensor on the armrest, to change the seat and backrest position for optimum comfort.


This model is available in the covering shown to the left.

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Designed by architects Manzoni and Tapinassi, Trevi is a modern sofa with ample seating and a low backrest that draws you in to a deeper state of relaxation. The smart open base combines wood and metal for a strong visual contrast. Its sinuous forms blend with the modern base, responding to what we demand of our furniture.


A compact sofa with metal feet which add a touch of elegance to its design. Ideal for small city homes. It is enhanced by the seams around the perimeter, which highlight its design. The light visual impact is the result of the unusual shape of the armrest, which is fitted into the seat.


Melpot is an extremely modular and versatile furnishing system for the living area, consisting of seating elements, poufs, bookcases and shelves. Designed by Mauro Lipparini, Melpot is a solution for people who love to customize every single detail.


Here comes an unmistakable tribute to Chesterfield, a classic with a contemporary twist that never goes out of style. Orfeo is a sophisticated, meticulously designed sofa that can adapt to classic and contemporary tastes alike. Natuzzi craftsmen made the tufted effect on the back and armrests with their own hands, to guarantee outstanding aesthetic and functional results.


An essential, light design for an extraordinarily comfortable sofa. A project designed by Claudio Bellini for environments with a fresh, youthful style, including small spaces.



Cammeo is a minimalist design armchair. The unique steel frame gives light and harmonious feel to the entire structure that can become the element of exception in your environment. The seat and backrest are fastened to the base by practical hinges.


Designed by Claudio Bellini, italian architect and designer, Anteprima is characterized by compact, refined and comfortable lines, thanks also to the coverings and to the metal feet. Amazing the insertion of the same in the structure of the seat.


An essential and timeless, product, Viaggio is characterized by a wooden structure that combines perfectly with the subtle and linear metal arms, hugging the soft feather padding. The two front feet are slightly higher than the rear to ensure greater comfort and style. Viaggio mastered both in domestic and in public or professional spaces.


You just know when Italian style is around: the details of the finishing, the shape of the legs, a dramatic yet effortless look the Agro chair oozes from every corner.

After Eight

You just know when Italian style is around: the details of the finishing, the shape of the legs, a dramatic yet effortless look the After Eight chair oozes from every corner.



The name of this bed, Svevo, was derived from a famous italian writer. It's design, typical of the furnishings of the 1950s, was brought to life by architects Tapinassi and Manzoni. The Svevo bed is the first of the Natuzzi collection to become an integral part of the Total Living project, combined with the sofa and tables of the same name. The characteristic wooden foot coupled to metal inserts elegantly support the structure. The bedframe with it's generous headboard is a guarantee of coziness and comfort.


Eros Table

A table with a solid oak structure which fits easily into any room in the home. Eros is extremely versatile and functional, due to the extendible half-leaves, which transform it from a 50cm to a 2.50m table. The structure and top are made of open-pore brushed ash. Finishes: Finishes in white or coffee-brown ash.

Omega Table

Designed by architects Tapinassi and Manzoni, Omega is a table which fits perfectly into living areas, combining beauty and functionality. It has large dimensions and a simple design. The top is elegantly supported by a coffee-brown metal structure. Finishes: Available in the fixed and extendible versions. The ash top is available in various finishes, depending on the version chosen. View the technical data sheet for further details.


Chocolat Table

Chocolat is a contemporary table with an unusual geometrical shape. The use of precious materials, such as stone and marble, reflects the latest trends in the furnishing sector. The coffee-tables may be combined to create a larger table. All the surfaces proposed have been water-proofed and stain-proofed.

Cabaret Table

The extremely lightweight and slender structure make Cabaret a linear and elegant table. The top, which is available in various finishes and materials, will suit your tastes perfectly and fit into any setting.

Samuel Table

A table with an exclusive design, created by the Natuzzi Style Centre. The main feature of Samuel is the two elements which may rotate to be positioned differently, allowing new opportunities for rearrangement of the setting and suiting space and style needs better. A unique table which stands out for its functionality, style and personality.

Shanghai Table

Designed by architect Claudio Bellini, Shanghai is a table which will never fade into the background. The simple and sturdy metal is enhanced with a brilliant lacquer, on a product which is more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture. The slender legs intersect with each other like the Shanghai pick-up sticks game, from which the product takes its name.

Titano Table

Elegant and refined, Titano combines past and present with precious and timeless materials. It has a tubular drawn metal structure with a blackish-brown powder coating. The top is made of Dark Emperador marble with an epoxy resin coating to make it more resistant.

Drop Table

A harmonious and sensual shape for an exclusive and large table, which adds elegance and style to the living area. The brushed stainless steel base can be combined with a top in a wide range of finishes, to satisfy your furnishing needs simply and naturally.

Mercurio Table

The lightweight appearance combines perfectly with the practicalness of the resistant glass. The table is made of curved and hot forged glass. The transparency of Mercurio makes it elegant and easy to combine with various furnishing styles. Mercurio can also be combined with poufs, which can be placed underneath it.


Designed by Claudio Bellini. Stylistic precision and simple shapes are the hallmarks of this extremely versatile collection, that lives in harmony with any surroundings, in either living or sleeping areas. Mondrian comprises various different elements (chest of drawers, bedside table, sideboard, TV stand) and a wide choice of finishes. Its most refined version features Afara wood from Africa. The Collection takes its name from the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, famous for his geometric style.

Astra Lamp

The asymmetrical design of the lampshade makes this lamp unique from all perspectives. The lampshade is made of superimposed opal glass layers, with etched and blown-glass finishes. The lightness of the glass combines perfectly with the structure to create a prestigious lighting fixture.

Zen Lamp

The name of this lamp immediately brings the Far East to mind. Its shapes resemble the lanterns used in places of relaxation and meditation. This is the essence of Zen, a lamp characterised by a gloss chrome black structure and a round white Murano opal glass lampshade. The combination of floor lamps of different heights in the living area is particularly attractive, discreet but highly personal.

Cosmo Lamp

Cosmo is as much an item of furniture as it is a light and will take centre-stage in any setting. The structure has oval-shaped openings created using innovative 3D laser technology. This allows Cosmo to project unusual shapes onto the walls and ceilings, adding a touch of elegance to living spaces.

Wisdom Lamp

The Wisdom arc floor lamp has a contemporary shape and refined style. The frosted nickel structure allows a harmonious combination with a wide range of furnishing styles, as it has a lightweight appearance, despite its dimensions.

Riflesso Rug

A rug with a worn but also particularly bright look. The extraordinary brilliance which is a feature of modern design is obtained using the "Cut and Loop" technique, which requires looping and then uneven cutting of the threads. This makes Riflesso ideal for more classic settings.

Argo Rug

Machine-tufted, antistatic, dust and fire repellent Argo is characterised by a mix of fibres in different shades to obtain deep and brilliant colours. It is refined yet simple and ideal for any setting.

Bacco Rug

The Bacco thick rug is the result of careful crafting. It is carefully hand-woven, on a loom. This rug is ideal for heavy use, due to the materials used to make it, and adds a contemporary touch to any setting.

Giasone Rug

Giasone is a handwoven rug with an extraordinarily crafted design. It is the ideal rug for anyone who loves natural products, a soft touch and the heat of a simple and welcoming home. The thick wool resembles heavy hand-knit woollen jumpers. A rug which will never go out of style.

Cube Rug

Cube is a rug featuring geometric shapes; the colour scheme creates the perception of a series of cubes, giving an almost three-dimensional effect. Cube is hand-tufted and fits easily into both work and home environments.