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Experience the world-class comfort of Natuzzi Editions. Inspired by Italian craftsmanship, design and love of living, each piece of Natuzzi Editions furniture will be perfectly at ease in your home and in your life. We offer styles for every taste, countless colors and a wide range of functions and configurations. When it comes to comfort, nothing compares to Natuzzi Editions.


you can trust

When you choose Natuzzi Editions, you're looking for a great value as well as outstanding quality. That's precisely what Natuzzi Editions delivers, through seven key factors built into our DNA.

Natuzzi excellence

every step of the way

1. Every model is handmade by expert craftsmen.

2. Our furniture grade wood frames are engineered for lasting quality.

3. Independent seating suspension systems ensure individual comfort.

4. We conduct quality testing in-house to international standards.

5. All products feature superb, hand-in-glove tailoring and durable stitching.

6. We use only high-quality, non-allergenic Italian leather.

7. Our furniture comes with exceptional warranties of 10 years on frames and 2 years on padding, upholstery and mechanisms.

passion for


Cool in summer and warm in winter, long-lasting leather is easy to fall in love with. Natuzzi Editions offers you an unparalleled range of options in two families: PROTECTA and NATURAL. Each has its own unique characteristics and benefits.

protecta leathers

Protecta is supple, strong and coated with an invisible protective layer that guards against spills, stains and signs of age without affecting the natural beauty of the leather. Sleek in appearance and uniform in color, Protecta leathers are perfect for active lifestyles and homes with children or pets.

natural leathers

Natural leathers are treated so as to leave the original characteristics of the hides intact, making them the ideal choice for those who love the refined elegance of natural interiors. Variations in grain, veining and color are the hallmarks of their beauty, resulting in a distinctive look that simply gets better with time.

a collection with

endless possibilities

The need for comfortable, stylish seating often goes beyond the family room. The key piece of furniture in all rooms is a comfortable sofa that you can complement with armchairs. No matter which room you are shopping for, Natuzzi Editions offers you endless possibilities and a selection of accessories to enhance any interior, from elegant tables to stylish cushions and rugs. Every item features unique details in terms of finishes, design and colors.

Natuzzi Editions


Visit Design Quest to experience the style and comfort of the Natuzzi Editions products shown below. We also offer select Natuzzi Editions products in Quicktime, which can be delivered quickly and are stocked in the USA. Visit our store for more details.


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Bold by design. An architectural marvel, with fantastic arm and leg details that offer undeniable style and comfort. Large seat and back cushions offer platinum level comfort. The Natuzzi Edition's collection includes a sofa, loveseat, chair and ottoman. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Intrigo B895

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This great modular collection from Natuzzi Editions has a fantastic and unique design. There is no question that the tailoring of this collection is of the highest quality by the beautiful linear design created by the seams in the seat backs and piping on the arm and seat. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Regina B903

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This sleek Natuzzi Editions armchair is the perfect addition to any living area. Featuring a great chrome metal leg and impeccable tailoring, this chair offers comfort and style that will last. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Ercole B973

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Sleek styling and great tailoring combine to offer an understated solution to finish your living space. The compact design of this model allows it to fit anywhere. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Vigore B983

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This model has great Italian styling giving it an unmistakable flair. A manual headrest gives your head and neck support when you need it, and allows the sofa to have a low sleek profile when not in use. Large seating areas and a wide arm allow for plenty of space. The model is punctuated by the unique metal leg and tapered frame at the point of contact with the legs. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Zelo B991

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The B991 has tuxedo styling and a great tufting detail in the arms and seat backs. A unique metal leg option mirrors the platform shape of the model's base. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Fiducia C017

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Alfredo is a beautiful model that offers comfort in the form of built in lumbar pillows and thick seat cushioning. The ruffle trimming the arms and seat back cushions provide a unique visual aesthetic. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Eleganza C021

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An essential sofa, embracing you with its design and the comfort of its materials. Its slender legs reach all the way to the sides, for a compact and elegant look. Life runs at a completely different pace when seen from a Eleganza sofa. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Stupore C027

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Relaxing shape, sensual lines, and original design: such is the Francesco sofa, a versatile protagonist of your space. Its sleek style immediately stands out, but the most surprising part of it is how comfortable it feels. A rest on this sofa is a rest like no other. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Estasi C037

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A modernist design, projected onto our days: such is the Estasi sofa. Its shape is elegant and memorable, with a lot of room and comfort but a slender overall figure. Be amazed. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!

Gaia A921

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These ottomans are perfect to complete your room. They can be paired with any group or sectional to provide an extra footrest or table surface. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!


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The A800 pillow from Natuzzi Editions provides the perfect finish to your sofa group or sectional. Experience the comfort and quality today at Design Quest!